It is so frustrating when you’ve finally managed to complete the work schedule only to find a big fat post-it a week later that has “Can’t work (insert day of the week here)s anymore! Sorry!” written on it. I honestly think our store needs more policies and rules, not to oppress my fellow employees, but to avoid unnecessary scheduling conflicts like these in the future. I know I shouldn’t make it a big deal but sometimes I have mild feelings of anger towards this situation, then later, is accompanied by guilt and sympathy.That is what I hate most about being such a pushover. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m redirecting my anger towards someone who won’t ever push me over, Franco. But that’s a different story which isn’t relevant to my problem (if it even is a problem). The bottom line is: People will always be “busy” and will always have “stuff to do” and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, which really irks me. Darn right I said “irks.”


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