this morning

My eyes have been irritated every morning for a few days already, I’m getting so paranoid to the fact that I might be going blind. Hah! Not that I already am blind as a bat. You kind of get use to seeing things from a slight astigmatic point of view. I mean, after 8 years of wearing correctional contact lenses you kind of consider yourself handicap without them on (sorry if i tend to babble). So, this morning I woke up to a lack of home-made food and some bad news. I’m not going to publicly announce what the bad news is, but I do wish them the best and I know they will overcome their current problem to get back on the moving wagon again (or moving Range Rover if they don’t mind. drool). I love you guys both and I know you’ll definitely get through it.

On a different note, I pulled out of my driveway this morning to drop my sister off at school and I wondered why my car felt slightly slanted. I looked at the tire pressure and to no surprise it was extremely low. It turns out my back tire was flatter than I thought, thank god I didn’t go any further than the end of my street. Speaking of my street, it is a nice clear day to show you the view from my room. It’s not as spectacular as the view from my parents room, but at least I get to soak in some amazing wildlife.


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  1. aw boob what happened?

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