I guess I went on an unexpected food binge last night. If the artichoke & jalapeño hummus wasn’t so delicious I wouldn’t have overdone it with the fried pita bread. So I guess it was partially my cousin’s cousin’s fault for providing me with those in the first place! Heh. Today my cousins and sister (and of course, me) made our rounds at Corner Bakery for the second time at Victoria Gardens (the food there is great by the way). We stopped at Petsmart on the way home to buy some grooming clippers for Pudge because he’s starting to look like a mini woolly mammoth with his hair covering his vision. I attempted to shorten his fur with the clippers but I’m still uncomfortable with the fact that I might become responsible for my dog’s uneven patches (in case I screw up the job). So I guess I could use some practice on the clippers with the class pets before I turn my dog into a hairless breed. If only Pudge would stop fighting with the neighbor’s dogs so that he wouldn’t break his nail on the fence again :[


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