life (plaza, that is)

Anne finally came down from Berkeley a few days ago so we decided to go out for lunch today. I treated her to Shabu Shabu at Life Plaza because 1. I’ve been having extra cravings for thinly sliced meat dipped in ponzu sauce and 2. She has never tried it before. Hopefully she liked it and didn’t lie to me. I don’t understand the ability of her metabolism, she can consume large amounts of food in one sitting and not gain weight from it. I despise people who has that ability (i.e. my sister and Vanna). But nonetheless, I always enjoy the time I spend with Anne and talking to her helped me relieve my stress. I guess it’s easy to be extremely open with her and Priscilla because they’re the only friends I have that I trust one hundred percent. I appreciate having them around because I don’t have much friends to share my feelings with most of the time. Usually it’s just me and Franco and you know how boyfriends can be. You can tell a guy about 20 things and he most likely won’t process any information that you expected them to remember (which is excatly what happened today with me and my “attentive” boyfriend). Thank god for my girls.

Class was pretty interesting today too. We learned how to administer vaccines into stuffed animals (puppies). It was a little hard imagining it to be a live pet because there is a hundred times more pressure when you actually have a real squirming dog trying to get out of your grip while you stick a needle in them. Hopefully the doctor will allow me to at least administer the rabies vaccine next Monday, that one looks fairly easy.

And here is a result of frequent visits to Life Plaza: Cue pictures and Boba!


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