i’m being mean

I don’t understand those people who feel the need to show off every piece of accessory or “brand name” item that they own in most of their pictures. It looks like they’re trying to give people the idea that they’re capable of purchasing expensive brand name clothing/accessories in spite of their whining and moping about “money problems” that they’re currently struggling with. It makes them seem, dare I say it, stupid and irresponsible. Hah! But who am I to judge others and their retail therapy habits? Maybe it’s just that they don’t got much going for them and showing the world their newest Dior bracelet or Balenciaga purse on the web makes them think others will be forever envious. Feel free to brag about your last season Chanel, but who’s got the upper hand in life itself?

Sorry for emitting so much negativity tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow with a nicer streak and an adjusted attitude :] Goodnight friends.


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