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Riley’s Baptism
April 29, 2008

Pauline took a picture and this orb appeared near the crucifix. creepy.


weekend pictures
April 29, 2008

Pris, I think Pauline deleted the pictures that I took of you doing her hair/makeup. I’m so frustrated!
Pris/Vicky’s Masterpiece.Desi’s parents’ house.Happy Riley & My Dad.

Riley’s Ninang
April 29, 2008

Yesterday was Riley’s Baptism so that makes me an official Godmother! The baptismal process went by pretty quickly partly because I couldn’t help but giggle every 3 minutes from Riley’s happy outbursts of screams in the church. He looked like he was enjoying himself in his white suit up until the Father poured cold water on his head, then he began crying for what literally seemed for only 3 seconds. The reception was held at Desi’s parents’ house afterwards and as usual, me and my sister stuffed ourselves with a variety of Filipino food (dinuguan, puto, lechon, rice and much more). I’ll be sure to post pictures of the baptism once Desi uploads them. So be sure to check back in a few days if you’re interested!

the best thing…
April 26, 2008

…about working at Santa Anita Mall is having this right around the corner of our store:

my new favorite topping is fruity pebbles.

evidence that I finished the whole darn thing

I am so lame.

lesson learned
April 25, 2008

I am currently working at Silverlink, but for once I am not at Cerritos Mall. Instead, my aunt placed me at Santa Anita Mall with wireless internet where my Mozilla Firefox has absolutely no blockage of websites. This morning Pudge was starting to run around again but was still aware and a little cautious about his wound. He would have sudden outbursts and become hyper one second and completely still and mellow the next. Poor baby, he’s not yet fully capable of functioning the way he wants to. However, I’m a little worried about his incision, it’s become a little more of a pinkish color than when I first brought him home. If the color doesn’t saturate down in a few days, I will be taking him back for a check up. I also requested the vet for his blood to be sent to the lab for a full microscopic examination and it came back completely normal! After taking this Vet Attendant class and working in the hospital, it has made me feel like such a bad pet parent. I wasn’t fully aware before that you are expected to take your pets for annual routine check ups, fecal exams, blood tests, and dental work. I never acknowledged how many viruses, parasites, and worms you had to worry about. Now that I’ve gotten those examinations done and over with I feel much better about my pet parenting skills :]

I’ve realized that you can’t just hastily bring a pet into your home without being fully aware of all the health issues you may be dealing with. A dog is not just an animal you purchase or pick up only because you saw it on the movie screen or you want to be able to take it everywhere with you as an accessory. It’s a lot more than that.

post operative care
April 24, 2008

Pudge came home extremly mellow and groggy (which is the total opposite of his regular psychotic behavior) but he’s doing just fine. No whining about the pain whatsoever. His incision site and sutures looks neat a clean, the doctor did a great job on him. Unsurpisingly, he got his appetite back in about three hours so I fed him a few kibbles. I doubt he’s going to vomit his food out, what a trooper.

April 23, 2008

I just came home from dropping Pudge off at the Colima Animal Hospital to finally get neutered. He was a nervous wreck during the 3 minute drive, shedding mounds of fur in my car and his body shook so hard I’m surprised he didn’t faint. It’s evident in his nervousness that he expressed his anal glands directly on me while I was filling out some paperwork and quite frankly I stink. After 4 years of house training hell, I’m hoping he’ll come out of this surgery procedure a more manageable dog (speaking in terms of house training). This will have been his third surgery and I’m pretty sure he grotesquely hates that place built purely for torture (in his mind at least). I’m pretty sure I’ll be back again today to blog later. See you!

2 things
April 22, 2008

1. Cats tend to leave a more pungent smell than dogs when left overnight in a cage. So I came home possibly smelling of urine, diarrhea, and vomit from handling mostly cats all day today. The good news is I administered my first vaccine into an animal today! It was much easier than I thought it would be, so the doctor let me administer a few more after my first attempt. My idea of fun is poking animals with needles, which isn’t sick at all right? Haha!

2. Color contacts are much more different than regular correctional contacts. So I need a couple of weeks to actually get use the size of these huge colored contact ones. I might just use up the boxes and switch back to regular correctional ones in 3 months if these keep irritating me.

Time for my recorded episode of “What I Like About You.” Goodnight everyone.

P.S. Special thanks to Pris for helping my sister out with makeup this upcoming Saturday! I love you babes.

family & food
April 21, 2008

The two go hand in hand very well don’t you think? Today was a fast blur of food, food, and some more food! I am officially filled up to my neck with a variety of Thai grub. I took the liberty of taking a few snapshots of what my family is capable of when they are together gossiping in the kitchen. Damn, there are some great cooks in my family, we should definitely open a Thai restaurant of our own. Too bad Babe couldn’t come today :[

Now that I have probably gained a few thousand pounds this weekend, I need to shrink my stomach down a couple sizes before I go to Thailand in June. Thailand, where all the people expect you to be stick anorexic thin to be breathtakingly beautiful; and people who consider someone of my size as unacceptably obese. Thank god I don’t live in Asia.

Pudge getting a haircut from mommy.
The aftermath.
My mom’s famous egg rolls.
Ribs & Chicken

What was left of the salt & pepper shrimp :[

April 20, 2008

I am so surprised at myself for not being in a food coma at this very moment. I should be, but I harbored all the food in my digestive system and converted it into energy for cleaning my room! I feel so productive. I woke up this morning craving Indian food to the max, so I went online and found a great place in Anaheim Hills. The first thing I did was run into my sister’s room and whispered, “Let’s go eat Indian Food!” Of course she rolled her eyes and ignored me for about 20 minutes, but I definitely knew she would be up for it too. The Tandoori chicken was a little dry, but the curry and garlic naan was so satisfying. Most people will probably gag while reading this blog, but don’t knock the smell until you try it. After the food binge at Shehnai (what the restaurant is called), we headed over to Diamond Bar for Desi’s cousin’s baby shower (Joe & Rachel). Predictably, a lot of food covered the kitchen area. I was ready to throw up my earlier escapade so I purposely stayed away from the kitchen, but it wasn’t for long. Hah! Now I gotta unload all my shenanigans from today and move on to bigger better things tomorrow: my family’s Thai BBQ!