April Fool’s

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! I woke up to Franco’s phone call and he sounded awful. “Babe, I’m sick.” Oh no! My babe is sick again? Poor thing. Too bad he totally pulled off his first April Fools joke of the day on me, his one and only. Don’t worry, I’ll get him back.

Anyway, work yesterday was like a fast forward button that was on stuck until 4pm. I only had to assist the doctor in 2 surgeries, usually there would be 4 or 5 surgeries a day but we caught a lucky break. After that it just felt like time was slowly taunting me while I glanced at the clock every now and then. The vet office closes at 6pm and surprisingly enough, clients started pouring in half and hour before we close. We had a client walk in with a case of ringworm on both him and his golden retriever. So once the doctor was done with the examination table/room, I used a mass amount of disinfectant sprays and asked the cleaning lady to scrub the floors as much as she could. I guess none of that matters because one of these days I’m going to catch ringworm whether I like it or not. I prefer to call them “fairy rings.”

What should ringworm look like might you ask?


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