i won

Just when I was ready to start sun tanning in my backyard again, the weather turns gray and cold. How dreary is this? I’m pretty sure a lot of people are pissed off and confused about this weather as well. My allergies haven’t gotten any better and it’s been 2 weeks. The allergy pills barely work, probably because I keep taking them on a regular basis and my body has gotten so use to them.

So yesterday I checked my email and won a contest from the Paramore fan club! It turns out I have been chosen to attend a taping of Paramore on Jimmy Kimmel Live. When I first learned about 1iota.com and their free tickets, I was a little discouraged from going because the tickets they give out exceeds the maximum capacity of the studio (which basically means you’re not absolutely guaranteed to get in). But now that I won this contest I feel like I should just take the chance to go see them because I really have nothing to lose. On top of that I have more good new! Yesterday the tickets for the Jonas Brothers’ concert went on presale and I definitely took advantage of that. I can honestly tell you that I am officially broke from buying 4 tickets for that concert. The seats I bought weren’t as close as I expected them to be, but they are definitely good enough for me.


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