April 4, 2008

My heart sunk when I saw how extensive the line was for the taping of the free Paramore performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I asked the head security guard where I was suppose to be as I showed him my email print-out for the Paramore contest that I had won a few days earlier. While I was starting to feel a little discouraged again he said, “Go ahead and stand right over there.” The front of the line? Sweet! It might have been a long 2 hour wait in the cold weather, but standing right in the front-center of the stage while Paramore played was definitely worth the wait. It was the greatest experience for me to be as close as I was to the band with my babe right next to me. I just wish my cousins could have been there with us :[

Hayley sounded great as always but for some odd reason she sounded a lot better live than when they aired it on television. I forced my sister to tape the event on my satellite receiver in hopes that I would show up in the front. Well, (lucky me) the camera man shot 2 seconds of the right side of my face. Haha! Good stuff.

The security guard kept telling us to quit taking pictures during the concert so every time he was preoccupied with other picture-takers, I nonchalantly snapped a few quick ones before he looked my way again. What a douche.

Front of the line.

This was the nice security guard.


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