6 things

1. I’ve been experiencing some hot and cold flashes. Which I hear only happens to women going through menopause, go figure.

2. I’m craving godiva chocolate, pinkberry, and any other type of rich sweets (tiramisu, moist chocolate cake, etc. mmm).

3. I have a chronic headache and a nose that hasn’t stopped running for weeks. My nightstand looks like a national monument of used crumpled tissues.

4. Every single thing that I have put in my mouth since yesterday has no taste whatsoever. So I am eating purely for texture. Everytime I eat something I keep hoping my sense of smell will come back slowly, but so far nothing!

5. My sister is a great helper and entertainer. She scooped me some ice cream :]

6. I feel so disappointed in myself that I had to miss my first official day of work. Cynthia (the receptionist/doctor’s wife) probably already has second thoughts about hiring me.

Ugh, I hate my dysfunctional body. If I don’t get better by tomorrow, somebody come by my house and shoot me. Anyway, youtube has been my form of entertainment all day today. Check out my new favorite video :]


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