banana muffcakes

After a week of convincing myself that I would never fully recover, I finally feel 82% better than yesterday. I feel as if I’ve been sweating my sickness out of body, it kind of felt good. After preserving myself in snot and tears on my bed for 2 days, you can bet that I took a nice hot shower this morning and it was very refreshing. My sister suggested that we have our weekly Shabu Shabu, so off we went to Life Plaza once again. After dropping off my sister at Rowland High, I drove straight to school to take in as much as I could from missing class on Tuesday. So the quiz wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be considering I missed a whole chapter and had only half of the information to study from. 9 out of 10 isn’t so bad, right? Whatever.

Is over analyzing such a bad thing?
I decided to stop at Albertsons on the way home to pick up some cake mix (because God knows I can’t make anything from scratch. Well, I probably could if I tried but the real reason is simply that I’m just too darn lazy). My sister and I were arguing about what exactly it is I was attempting to make, cupcakes or muffins? It’s totally obvious from the size that they are purely cupcakes, but she wouldn’t have it. Abel gave us a great idea and we decided to rename them as our own “Banana Muffcakes.” I went ahead and skipped on the frosting because that would just mean unneccessary calories. Enjoy!


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