keep going

Today was the slowest day we’ve ever had ever since I started working at this vet. Unfortunately bad news accompanied the lack of clients and patients. The doctor’s/receptionist’s son had come home from the Navy yesterday and apparently they no longer need me as the hired help. To be honest, I got hit pretty hard with the news that I couldn’t get it off my mind all day. I was constantly asking myself relevant questions: “Is it because they can’t afford to pay me? Did I do something wrong? Was I not enough help? Were they not willing to pay me $10+ an hour? Do they need a full time employee as opposed to part-time?” The only times I’ll be going in to that hospital now will strictly be for externship only, which is still great work experience but I was hoping for a lot more. Now I’ll just have to start from scratch and look for another animal hospital that guarantees a stable and long-term occupational stay for me. I have just keep going, right?

Today was pretty brutal because there had been two dog euthanizations. When I heard the family cry in the exam room, I tried my hardest to keep my tear ducts from overflowing. When I came home I was able to let hell break loose without any embarassment. To cheer myself up, I stopped at the supermarket on the way home again to buy more cakemix. Cupcakes make me happy, so making my own happiness seems to make sense for now. Catch you later!

Vicky’s “Special” Cupcakes (Pauline’s Photography)

A client dropped by last week and dropped off a puppy for Cynthia. We’re still trying to find a home for him so if you’re interested in a energetic and lovable (black & brown) Chihuahua, please contact me right away. He still has puppy breath, so catch him while you can!

He wouldn’t stay stil for even one second.

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