I am so surprised at myself for not being in a food coma at this very moment. I should be, but I harbored all the food in my digestive system and converted it into energy for cleaning my room! I feel so productive. I woke up this morning craving Indian food to the max, so I went online and found a great place in Anaheim Hills. The first thing I did was run into my sister’s room and whispered, “Let’s go eat Indian Food!” Of course she rolled her eyes and ignored me for about 20 minutes, but I definitely knew she would be up for it too. The Tandoori chicken was a little dry, but the curry and garlic naan was so satisfying. Most people will probably gag while reading this blog, but don’t knock the smell until you try it. After the food binge at Shehnai (what the restaurant is called), we headed over to Diamond Bar for Desi’s cousin’s baby shower (Joe & Rachel). Predictably, a lot of food covered the kitchen area. I was ready to throw up my earlier escapade so I purposely stayed away from the kitchen, but it wasn’t for long. Hah! Now I gotta unload all my shenanigans from today and move on to bigger better things tomorrow: my family’s Thai BBQ!


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