family & food

The two go hand in hand very well don’t you think? Today was a fast blur of food, food, and some more food! I am officially filled up to my neck with a variety of Thai grub. I took the liberty of taking a few snapshots of what my family is capable of when they are together gossiping in the kitchen. Damn, there are some great cooks in my family, we should definitely open a Thai restaurant of our own. Too bad Babe couldn’t come today :[

Now that I have probably gained a few thousand pounds this weekend, I need to shrink my stomach down a couple sizes before I go to Thailand in June. Thailand, where all the people expect you to be stick anorexic thin to be breathtakingly beautiful; and people who consider someone of my size as unacceptably obese. Thank god I don’t live in Asia.

Pudge getting a haircut from mommy.
The aftermath.
My mom’s famous egg rolls.
Ribs & Chicken

What was left of the salt & pepper shrimp :[


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