lesson learned

I am currently working at Silverlink, but for once I am not at Cerritos Mall. Instead, my aunt placed me at Santa Anita Mall with wireless internet where my Mozilla Firefox has absolutely no blockage of websites. This morning Pudge was starting to run around again but was still aware and a little cautious about his wound. He would have sudden outbursts and become hyper one second and completely still and mellow the next. Poor baby, he’s not yet fully capable of functioning the way he wants to. However, I’m a little worried about his incision, it’s become a little more of a pinkish color than when I first brought him home. If the color doesn’t saturate down in a few days, I will be taking him back for a check up. I also requested the vet for his blood to be sent to the lab for a full microscopic examination and it came back completely normal! After taking this Vet Attendant class and working in the hospital, it has made me feel like such a bad pet parent. I wasn’t fully aware before that you are expected to take your pets for annual routine check ups, fecal exams, blood tests, and dental work. I never acknowledged how many viruses, parasites, and worms you had to worry about. Now that I’ve gotten those examinations done and over with I feel much better about my pet parenting skills :]

I’ve realized that you can’t just hastily bring a pet into your home without being fully aware of all the health issues you may be dealing with. A dog is not just an animal you purchase or pick up only because you saw it on the movie screen or you want to be able to take it everywhere with you as an accessory. It’s a lot more than that.


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