artillery = disneyland

Today I woke up to a gray sky and some heavy drizzle, which is purely ironic because I haven’t washed my car for weeks on end and the day after I decide to car washercise, the earth decides to regress back into winter rain. So it was a pretty frustrating sight when I unlocked my car this morning.

This weekend was surprisingly fun at Disneyland (considering me and Franco just went 5 months ago). I guess the fact that we go there frequently is suppose to take the fun out of it, but it actually doesn’t. I would post pictures up, but my absent-minded sister left my camera in Franco’s car. So hopefully, I’ll have them up by the end of this week. In addition to this, I just want to thank Abel again for getting us in for free, we really appreciate it! (By the way, Franco found a receipt wrapped around $85 on the ground while we were walking through the Haunted Mansion! Talk about good karma. You bet we didn’t have to worry about spending all our “hard-earned” cash on grub.)

And they’re getting bigger.

Going way off topic, check out Artillery clothing line. I got a kick out of the Filipino Chicks tee, so I decided to purchase it for Franco. Special Thanks to Abel & Gianni.


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