subway. eat fresh or every week.

Maybe if I would have woken up at exactly 10 o’clock this morning I would’ve gotten much closer seating. Possibly even pit (which is where I usually am) but this time Paramore’s show is an actual concert venue with seats. I can’t see myself rocking out to her beautiful voice with a seat behind me. I’m use to the fellow grimy and sweaty Paramore lovers practically pummeling me down every five seconds, trying their hardest to get as close as they can to the stage. Come to think of it, I guess my current seating isn’t too bad considering I’m in orchestra. (Thank you for the tickets babe! Doesn’t it make you happy to be able to see your second girlfriend in a few months?)

As you know, I just got up from bed a half hour ago so I guess that means it’s time for breakfast. I still feel like I deserve a kick in the face for oversleeping today. To make myself feel better, I’m off for my weekly shenanigans of Subway, Italian BMT shenanigans that is. I know “pepperoni/salami sandwich doesn’t sound much of a healthy alternative off the Subway menu, but it’s pretty darn satisfying if I do say so myself.

Word of the Day:
glut·ton [gluht-n] –noun
1. a person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously

FYI (I know I keep re-updating this post, the font system was just malfunctioning and I’m exceedingly anal about the appearance of my blog. Fortunately, I’m done and moving on.)


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