Once again, I was scheduled to work here at Santa Anita mall today until 4pm. For some odd reason, this mall has a much better vibe than Cerritos. Here in Arcadia, the people are much nicer and the atmosphere is less tense. When I’m attempting to provide good customer service to the intended buyers, it’s a much smoother transaction because people here are not picky and are definitely more friendly.

The bad news is, my Veterinary Attendant class is coming to an end next week (specifically Thursday, May 22nd). I can’t emphasize on how much I enjoyed being in that class and how much experience has grown on me from the first day I sat down. I definitely can’t wait until the next semester starts up again! Our class has a scheduled field trip next Tuesday to Advance Critical Care & Internal Medicine in Irvine. We’ll get a chance to visit some Doctors and Technicians who specialize in Oncology, Radiography, MRI and CT imagery, Dermatology, Therapy, and much more. I’m pretty psyched to get the chance to experience seeing what’s behind closed doors at an “ultra modern veterinary facility.” If they allow it, I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures.

According to his sleeping style, he is a great listener.


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