Fortunately me and Pauline ended up not having to work from open to close today at Silverlink. So afterwards, we made our rounds at Sizzling Wok because we were craving some spicy Thai. With no plans and a lack of cash, we ended up driving to West Covina to Store 13 (the fact that I didn’t have much cash on me had no affect whatsoever on still wanting to shop). I ended charging a Dimepeice & an American Apparel tee to my card because Pauline’s friend, Andrew, surprisingly came through for us on lowering the prices. Thanks Andrew!

So now, I’m currently at home lounging around in my living room soaking in the wonders of air conditioning. I only have a few weeks left in California until I make my way to Thailand for three weeks. You can’t even imagine my anticipation to just be away for a while. When July comes around there will be so many events for me to look forward to. Hopefully, this summer is going to be one to remember. Here’s to the dry California heat and Summer 2008!

Veterinary Attendant Class Completion (May 22nd)
Nail Factory Appointment (May 30th)
Thailand (June 5th – June 29th)
Jonas Brothers Concert (July 12)
Wicked (July 18th)
Paramore @ OC Fair (July 30th)


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