Good morning everyone! The reason why I’m up early lies in my sister and her inability to drive herself to school. Waking up at 7AM isn’t my cup of tea, but I got an early sleep last night so I don’t feel too groggy this morning. As I mentioned before, I drove to Advance Critical Care & Internal Medicine in Tustin for a school trip and all I have to say about that place is that it is amazing. I had no idea they provided such technologically advance equipment to treat animals, it looked as if it were suppose to be used on us humans (which is basically the same anyway). Our group had the chance to visit the cancer treatment facility, and it was a bit emotional but the pets we interacted with were such troopers. The technicians who treat cancer patients explained that they build a very personal relationship with the pets because they’re in the facility very frequently for chemotherapy. I don’t think I can see myself specializing in treating cancer patients, it’s a little too saddening to me. We also visited a hospital that specialized in Dermatology, Opthalmology and 24 hour emergency. The tour was dragging on for a little over 3 hours but it was very informational. The doctors and technicians at work were phenomenal so I definitely can’t wait to get the chance to apply there and work with them. I could have taken pictures, but I didn’t have my camera with me. A fellow student took a few so she will be providing me with the pictures in a few days through email.

On a different note, my plan today is to drive my Auntie Jean to Downtown, LA to look for sunglasses, so hopefully I get to visit Franco at work. I miss you boo!


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