Why do I always second guess myself when it comes to buying others a gift? Or maybe the real question is, “Why am I always so hasty and anxious to buy something and end up regretting it later?” Whatever, What’s done is done. I decided that the camera I bought online for my dad isn’t good enough for him, I recently recalled him wanting a 10MP camera. So I raced to Circuit City to look for a 10MP camera within my $200 range. It was impossible to find nice 10MP Canon that was less than $300 so I decided to settle for a Casio that was $50 more than my budget. I’m fully aware that my dad isn’t a big fan of the Casio digital cameras, but if he really doesn’t like it, he can always use the gift receipt for an exchange. Duh. As for the Canon I already ordered yesterday, I hope it isn’t too much of a hassle sending it back for a refund (darn 10% shipping charges).

The weather outside is very nice today and I took advantage of it by letting Pudge roam around the front yard without a leash. Sometimes it scares me when he starts heading off towards the end of our street because it’s absolutely impossible to catch him after he’s in his own little world. But I don’t blame him, it’s beautiful outside. Sometimes I wish the hottest it could get in California is 85 degrees. That would be just perfect.


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