Father’s Day is coming up in a little over 2 weeks and I am proud to announce that I’ve already purchased my Daddy’s gift! I remembered him complaining about losing his last digital camera a few months ago and he didn’t have the heart to buy himself another one right away. So I took the liberty of looking up different kinds of digital cameras online. My search was for a Canon with great performance that is also within my $200 budget (with,of course, the help of Desi). One of the cons of the Canon Powershot SX100IS is that it runs solely on rechargeable AA batteries, but other than that the camera is favorable in all other aspects, especially in picture taking. Duh.

My trip to Thailand is approaching in exactly 7 days (next Thursday) and I don’t know how I’m going to deal with not being able to see Riley, Tammy, Desi, Franco, and Pudge for 3 whole weeks! I guess this vacation is kind of a bittersweet indulgence on my part. I’ll be sure to do a lot of shopping for you guys and take plenty of pictures. Unfortunately, I still haven’t even begun to pack and not to mention the loads of laundry I still have yet to complete. Expectedly, every year the week before we leave me, my dad, and my sister struggle to fight over the laundry machine while my mom’s suitcases has already been neatly lined together weeks before. It’s obvious she’s the most anxious person in our family that wants to go back home. She’s not the only one!


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