2 things

1. Tomorrow I will be working at my dad’s office in Downtown, LA (you know how enthusiastic I can get about being there). Being verbally abused by my dad when he is cranky isn’t my cup of tea, but most of the time he’s right about everything. At least Riley will be there, he somehow magically makes everything in my life a thousand times better. I still have not yet mastered a poop diaper change on him, it’s a lot harder than you think.

2. My trip to Thailand is getting closer and I’m getting even more anxious just thinking about it every 10 minutes. I have four days until I’m overseas and away from the perfect California weather and into the world of high temperature and insane humidity. I’m already, somewhat, halfway done packing but I know I’ll end up forgetting something important. Bon Voyage to me!

Goodnight everyone. I’m a little tired today from:
1. Doing all my laundry.
2. Taking my mom to run errands.
3. Dying my sister’s hair.
4. Baking cupcakes.

See you tomorrow.


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