S. Hill Street

UPDATE: For some reason, Internet Explorer wouldn’t allow me to make the pictures that I uploaded earlier clickable. So I re-uploaded them on my computer and now you can click on too see a bigger picture. Keep in mind that the view of the street and the buildings are taken from behind a glass window. Nice.

Today is my second day as “Vicky the Babysitter” for Riley (for those of you who don’t watch Fairly Odd Parents probably won’t get it). There’s not much to do around here but go online and work. Guess which one I picked? Right now Riley is sleeping so that means I get a nice one hour break to post pictures of my dad’s new office! My parents have been wanting a brand new office with an open view of the city for a while and now they finally found one. The view actually overlooks only S. Hill Street in the heart of Downtown, Los Angeles. If you’ve ever heard of St. Vincent Jewelry Center, we are located directly above the plaza on the fourth floor. Here are some pictures of my dad’s office which includes the brand new flatscreen he bought that he claims is only for “surveillance” purposes only. I’ve already popped in a few DVDs in the player to test out the high definitive quality of the television yesterday. Surveillance footage, yea right.


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