Hi everyone! Greetings from Thailand. Right now it is almost 4PM here. I haven’t had fast enough of an internet connection (plus the patience) to post any kind of updates. Unfortunately, I’ll have to post all the pictures once I get back home to California because I can’t stand waiting half an hour to upload just 5 pictures. Krabi, Thailand was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The ocean is a sea green clear and the weather is absolutely perfect. The hotel we stayed at was its own private island with a phenomenal beachfront. The pool was massive and the jacuzzi on top had a perfect view of the ocean. Some scary events also happened while me and my family were at Krabi, but rest assured, everything is totally fine. Let’s see, it’s only been about 4 days and I’ve probably gained a ton of weight from all this food I’m constantly stuffing in every other hour. On the other hand, half the food that goes in are fruits so I guess it’s not too bad. So, it’s time for me to go! There’s not much else going on besides eating more than we can handle everyday and shopping for bootleg products on each block we pass. See you!


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