day nine

Aside from possible deadly mosquito bites I’ve been getting every night, everything here is good. I’m pretty burned out from a 6 hour walk at Jatuchak, which is one of the world’s biggest outdoor shopping area I’ve been to. Here they sell a variety of products from chic clothes and accessories to pet fish and birds. I couldn’t help but stop at every store that sold baskets and baskets of puppies. Surprisingly, I didn’t buy much because the whole atmosphere was so overwhelming that I couldn’t focus on purchasing anything for myself (all I could think about was buying everything for Riley, especially all the toys and baby clothes). A few days before, we took a walk around Central Mall and it turns out they have 3D Japanese style nails everywhere! The best thing about it is that it only cost $30 (that makes it about $70 less than the ones in L.A.), so I made sure that I’d have a free day to get them done before I leave Bangkok :]

Everyday that I’m here makes me miss my potential second family at home (Tam, Desi, and Riley). Thanks Desi, for posting recent pictures of Riley! We’re all enjoying them over here. Keep them coming! I miss you guys so much :[ See you in 2 weeks.


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  1. i love you

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