4 days left

Every day I sign onto Flickr in hopes of new pictures and videos of Riley, that is how much I miss my Godchild. Surprisingly, I’m counting down the days until I can babysit for my cousin again. Only 4 more days left until I make my way home to enter the wonderful world of jet lag. For some reason it’s a little harder and it takes a little longer for me to fully adjust to the time when I’m back home in California, but that should be the least of my worries because I have plenty of free time. We blessed my parents’ apartment 2 days ago and then decided to visit the zoo right after. Me, my dad, and my sister spent the most amount of time in the monkey section because watching them play is somewhat amusing and peaceful at the same time. Shopping at MBK was probably the best part of this trip. Although I didn’t buy much for myself, stressing over gifts for everyone at home and bargaining at each and every vendor we found appealing was a blast. At this very moment we just got home from an overnight trip to Pattaya. Pattaya is the place where prostitutes are more available to you than bottled water. It was a whole different experience for me and my sister; it was obvious we were in shock at the high numbers of hookers waiting in bars at night. It was even more shocking to find plenty of old men hand in hand with them walking together and enjoying the nightlife. We watched a show last night called Ms. Tiffany, a show full of women in outrageous but beautiful outfits. Each and every girl on stage looked great, but there is only one thing wrong, they were actually all men. It’s pretty sad when a guy beats you in the looks department as a girl. The beach at Pattaya wasn’t as beautiful as the one in Krabi, but the water was still sea blue and green. The hotel we stayed at wasn’t as glamorous as the one at Krabi either but to make up for it, the huge waterpark they provided us with was so fun and the view from our room was great! I definitely felt like I was dying when I was sliding down the huge and tall water slide, but it was my first time on one so it was pretty exciting. Despite the fact that prostitutes are lined up on every block in this city, the nightlife at Pattaya was busy and full of life, one day I’m planning to go back with friends only. They had rows and rows of souvenir vendors, not the crappy souvenirs but the ones worth buying for people back home. Before making our way back home today, me and my family had the chance to visit a garden/elephant zoo. We watched a traditional Thai dance on stage and to follow we watched a cute elephant show. Me and my sister had the chance to feed bananas to a lot of different well-trained elephants, from baby ones to older ones. I also had the chance to bottle feed a baby tiger and take pictures with two lazy, but cute, orangutans. I’m pretty wiped out from today, I’ve managed to desperately snap a couple of pictures at the place before the battery ran out which was a complete bummer. Tomorrow we’re planning on visiting my mom’s side for one last time, after that my mom, sister, auntie, and I are getting our nails done! It’s so funny how every year we cram every little thing into our schedule for the last days that are left here. See you guys soon!


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