I spent most of the day working in L.A. half groggy and half pissy. I found myself trying to stay awake at the same time that I was taking pictures for my dad’s store website. Which is SIDNEYIMPORTS.COM by the way, you can get an idea of what the pictures I take and edit look like. With my dad hovering over me and nitpicking at every little photo-taking detail, it didn’t help my day get any more pleasant. Overall, it was a normal working day with a little sprinkle of jet lag. The fact that my cousin Tammy and my sister were there made it more bearable to work at my dad’s place. I came home with a mild case of car sickness (what’s new?) and didn’t have much of an appetite. I know, those words sound totally wrong coming from me, but I think it’s the temporary jet lag talking. I found out for the first time today Pudge developed the ability to crack open a peanut only to consume the inside. He left the fragments of the nut shell on the floor for me to pick up after he was done. Pudge probably picked up the trick from watching the parrot all day while I was gone in Thailand. So cute!

P.S. I hope you liked your gifts babe! There’s more to come tomorrow :]

I decided to auction out the extra 2 Jonas Brothers Tickets that I had. So if you’re a Jonas Brothers Fan and would like to see them next Saturday, be sure to check out my Ebay. I’ll post a link for everyone who is interested later tonight (or possibly tomorrow) because the site is still processing the information. Be sure to check back please!

Pudge the parrot.


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