Something happened at work today that totally threw me off and confused the hell out of me. My boyfriend’s co-worker (lets call her Amanda*) cried because my boyfriend had told her he couldn’t go to her birthday dinner tonight. What confuses me even more is that she already had her actual birthday house party last Saturday so I didn’t feel comfortable with my boyfriend going again today. Don’t get me wrong, I feel no threat or intimidation towards her at all because I’m 100% complacent with the fact that she has no feelings towards him (and vice versa) whatsoever. This is obviously none of my business, but I’m not quite fully understanding why she has the need to arrange another birthday dinner and then cry about it when Franco breaks the bad news to her. I’m aware that she may just be an emotional person and could possibly be a tad bit unstable but I can’t help but react like a possessive b-tch when this happened earlier. My sister thinks I should be laughing at this situation (which I totally did) but for Amanda to cry the way she did is still extremely dramatic and annoying on my part. Is it just me or does anyone find this scenario a little over the top? It’s not as if her and Franco have a “best-friend” relationship, if that was the case I would totally understand and let it go. But their relationship status is purely co-worker. Consequently, my boyfriend decided to turn it around and he ended up going out of pity (which I know sounds totally wrong yet for some reason it makes sense to me). All I have to say is: psycho!


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  1. yeah, keep your eye on her.

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