i want a pool

Porter Ranch was a pretty far drive today, but it wasn’t too bad. At least I had the chance to swim in my cousin’s pool, eat some decent food, and somewhat bond with the cousins. It was Riley’s first time in a swimming pool today and he absolutely loved it! Even after Desi dunked him once he was still willing to stay even if it startled him a bit. It’s so cute how much he loves being in water. So now I’m home sitting here sweating my life away and the thought of any kind of subtle movement scares me. Times like this brings up my silly wishful thinking of building a pool in my small backyard. My dad suggested we go to the gym since we have one more day off tomorrow, then Monday I’m back to jewelry hell! Hey, at least the gym has a pool and I can get a couple strokes in (or not). Unfortunately, there’s nothing much to blog about lately because it’s pretty much been repetitions of working and being at home. So I guess I’ll see you all later!


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