3 things

1. It’s been a little over a month since I’ve babysat Riley and now that he’s growing at a rapid pace, it’s a little harder for me to hold him without cramping up my arms. It’s amazing to see how much he’s learning everyday and his ability to already stand on his own.

2. Today I’ve baked a record of 40 cupcakes which contained half vanilla and half chocolate. Fighting with Franco made me a little upset so I decided to ignored him half the day at work, left without saying goodbye, made a pit stop at the market, and baked cake mix cupcakes. Whatever. Lately, I’ve learned to let go of unnecessary issues (a lot quicker than before) that causes fights because in the end there is absolutely nothing I can do about my anger and I end up feeling stupid about the argument anyway.

3. As cheesy as this sounds, especially coming from a 20 year old, I can’t wait to see the Jonas Brothers on Saturday! FYI, I know it may seem that my sister is going with me to this concert out of pity but in actuality she loves them to death :]


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