today’s lesson

Do not put your cell phone in your back pocket for it will eventually fall in the toilet at least once in your life. I was so complacent with that fact that I would never drop my cell phone in a toilet that my thoughts totally jinxed my luck. For 2 hours I was bummed out about having to buy a new phone because I grew so accustomed to mine that I didn’t even consider wanting a brand new sidekick, I love mine too much. Luckily, we have a small fan in the back office so I stood there patiently waving my phone back and forth in front of the fan until it dried. It acted a little kooky at first, turning on and off by itself, making noises when I would just leave it alone, but it just needed a few more tries until it was fully capable of functioning normally. Whew! That was a close call. Now that I don’t need to worry about having to spend more money on a new phone, I can invest in a nice sleek bluetooth headset instead.


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