money talk

Deciding which bluetooth to buy was a pretty hard decision to make, but all signs seem to be pointing to the Jawbone II. My cousin Desi had been suggesting this bluetooth headset to me for a while now so I decided to take it into account and read up on the reviews. As expected, most of the reviews were positive; users seem to be content with having purchased the Jawbone and were satisfied with the great noise cancelling effect it is famous for. The fact that I’m on the phone about 60% of my day made the decision a lot easier but, on the other hand, spending a little over $100 made me cringe for a second. Sure enough, it wasn’t long until I decided to hit that “BUY IT NOW” button on Ebay. When it comes to shopping it’s hard for me to say no to myself but I always end up being happy about my decision anyway. I know I definitely need this pricey headset or else I wouldn’t be blowing over $100 bucks for nothing. It’s not as stupid as blowing a hundred bucks or so every 2 or 3 weeks on just getting my nails done a little fancier than everyone else. It’s a lot easier to weigh out my spending options when I just sit and think a little longer about what’s worth each penny and what’s not. $1200 a year on nails alone? No thanks.


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