another work day

The air conditioner at my house is currently on blast and the feeling of it is great (although we don’t necessarily need it). Summer isn’t too bad up here because the wind in the hills usually flow through my window and cools down my room but the A/C is on so I’m definitely taking advantage of that. My Jawbone II came in the mail today at work and I’m charging it as I speak (or type, whatever). I could have sworn the color I ordered was black but a gold one was sent to me instead and I absolutely fell in love with it that I didn’t mind the mistake at all. I can’t wait to use it! On the way home today I decided to go through the movies in my Zune that I never had the chance to watch and I officially propose that my new favorite show is “The Big Bang Theory,” (from which I have proudly moved on from “What I Like About You”). I’m not quite sure how old this show is but it is absolutely hilarious! Sheldon is my favorite character because he’s so sarcastic and witty; and apparently I couldn’t stop giggling in the back seat of my dad’s car. I’m in need of more episodes Desi!

The Jonas Brothers concert was a blast, the guys are such great performers. I’ve never seen so many screaming white girls at one place in my life. I would definitely go again even if I’m probably the oldest fan in the amphitheatre. Joe is sexy, but not as sexy as Franco, of course. Heh.

My second time watching Wicked at Pantages Theatre is coming up this Friday and I’m so anxious to be there already! I’m desperately hoping we see the same performers (preferably GUHH-linda) as the last show or else it wouldn’t be as funny. Riley’s 1st birthday is also coming up and I still need to go shopping for his gift. I have a couple of ideas but I can’t share it with you because my blog readers include the parents of Riley :]


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