day off

Before I’ve decided to power down to lazy mode today I forced myself to hit the gym for at least an hour so I don’t feel like such a blob in bed. I’ve been feeling very self conscious about my body lately probably because of the hot weather and my recent eating habits (or I just want my bikini body back). I’ve been feeling much more energetic ever since I’ve been hitting the elliptical at the gym with a side of triceps workout in hopes to get rid of my bye-bye arms. Toys ‘R Us was my next potential stop after the grueling sweat fest and I’ve managed to figure out exactly what to buy for Riley’s 1st Birthday. I was standing in the aisle for about 30 minutes figuring out if I should take the leap into buying that particular “thing.” In the end, a gift receipt is the answer to all my present purchasing dilemmas. So tomorrow is the big day for my second time of Wicked with my cousins! Desi managed to score 6th row this time so I’m definitely excited for that :]


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