Wicked was still awesome the second time around. To my dismay, the old cast I’ve seen in the show before had been replaced with some new ones. The performers that were cast yesterday couldn’t compare with the old ones (speaking in terms of vocal skills) but it was still just as enjoyable. Glinda, the “good” witch, was actually an understudy for our show so we didn’t get the original actress for that part which, surprisingly, wasn’t so much of a disappointment for me. After seeing Wicked again last night I definitely made up my mind to go one more time before it all ends in December. Anyone who enjoys musicals definitely needs to grab the chance to see it. I’ve even heard of guys that absolutely refuse to take interest in any type of musical fall in love with Wicked (ahem, Babe). It’s one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had and I’m very glad that my cousin shared it with me or else I would have never thought about going at all. I even purchased a souvenir mug and CD for memories :] Special thanks to my cousin Tammy and Desi! We’re going again even if it will be the 4th time for you both (my cousins have obviously been obsessed since the first time they’ve seen it).

Me, Franco, my sister, and Abel headed down to West Covina today to watch Dark Knight. The movie somehow kind of dragged on and was a little longer than I had anticipated but it was nothing unbearable. Heath Ledger was probably the only entertaining part of the movie, I was pretty surprised that he played the Joker character very well. After all, seeing him in 10 Things I Hate About You it’s kind of twist on his personality from my point of view, but he’s an actor, duh. Justin was right, Batman’s voice does kind of make you want to slap him, but what other way could he conceal his vocal identity? Overall, Dark Knight was pretty mediocre in terms of superhero movies, I’ve seen better but everyone has their own opinion. All I have left to say is: Heath Ledger made it happen.


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