Sneeze, Sneeze, Sneeze followed by a couple of “Bless you’s” from the employees. Two minutes later I sneeze about 5 times in a row, everyone seems to have given up saying that phrase. My allergies were so out of control today that nothing I did seem to make it better. The Sudafed didn’t work, blowing my nose didn’t work, drinking tea didn’t work, working didn’t even work. My last resort was to fall asleep on the floor of my dad’s former office where the floors were filthy and were probably a contribution to my allergic seizures (okay, it wasn’t as bad as a seizure, but that’s what it felt like to me). Four hours of sleep seem to help my body recuperate since I was so out of energy from sneezing so much. After “work” I quickly headed to 24 hour fitness with my sister to work out for about an hour since it’s proven to prevent allergies (and partially because I pigged out with no shame yesterday). Working out definitely worked for me so catch me at the 24 hour fitness in Puente Hills almost every night this week!

So, I’ve decided to rename my blog because I think it’s more suitable for my style of writing. My posts are obviously not “This Instant” type of blog or else I’d be updating every single day or possibly even more. Honestly, when I blog I don’t give everyone the whole story, it’s only pieces of what’s on my mind and pieces of my day without sugarcoating my feelings.


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