Here’s a list of things of what’s on my mind.

1. I desperately need to shower but my babysitting helper (whom I shall call my sister) has fallen asleep along with the baby so therefore I have to watch them both. Go figure.

2. The Paramore Concert is already next Wednesday and I can’t emphasize enough how excited I am to see them again. The last time I’ve been to their concert was at the Jimmy Kimmel Show in April. Since I usually go to the Pomona Fair every year, I’ve never had the chance to go to the OC Fair so this will be my first time there. Yay food!

3. The ASD/AMD Jewelry show in Vegas is in a few weeks and my dad’s employees are deciding to back out from going. Most of the guys are spewing out sorry excuses for not having to go and most of them have newborn (or still inborn) babies to care for.

4. I’m craving sushi. Sashimi salad, baked salmon roll, Unagi, Tempura, and Tempura Ice-Cream. Thank goodness for the Japanese.

5. Today I am planning on going to Party City to buy a helium tank and balloons for Riley’s Birthday party on Sunday. Now if my helper would just wake up so I can get ready…


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