Riley’s 1st

Riley’s Birthday Party yesterday was a success and there was a good turnout. My cousins decided to have his party at English Springs Park in Chino Hills, it had a nice big lake and a lot of shady trees so it wasn’t too hot while we were decorating and unloading. People started showing up at about 1:30PM which is surprisingly early for Filipinos. Since the invitation said 1PM I would have thought Desi’s side would show up 2 hours late but instead my auntie Jean was the latest one. Trays and trays of Filipino food scoured the table in a buffet style arrangement but the only thing I kept going back for was the beef caldereta, it has officially become my new favorite. I’d say about 50-60 people showed up, luckily it was not all at one time. I ate a few times here and there, played water balloon toss with my cousin Abby, chased kids around with a water gun (and vice versa), and helped out with a few clean ups. At the end of the day I helped my cousins carry Riley’s mountain of gifts into their new Odyssey where, unexpectedly, the gifts practically filled up half the van. Lucky, lucky little baby Riley. Yesterday was super fun, I’m glad I had the chance to be a part of helping out my cousins (especially knowing how stressed out Tammy can get). She knows she can always ask me for anything and if she needs me I’ll always be there for her, Desi, and Riley regardless of any situation. Yay! Riley is finally 1 year old now, It won’t be long before he starts walking and learning bad (I mean, informational) words from his ninang :]


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