Final Riot!

The OC Fair turned out to be a miniature size version of the Pomona Fair with White people in substitution for the Hispanic people. The bathrooms at this fair were much cleaner but sadly there were less vendors and products for sale. I tried my first fried Oreo yesterday and it was pretty good, but nothing out of the ordinary (honestly speaking). The only thing I could think about while we were walking the fair grounds was getting to the amphitheater for Paramore already. The two opening bands were Jack’s Mannequin and Paper Route, unfortunately none caught my interest so it was a bit of a drag. When Paramore came on, I immediately got the butterflies and knee shaking feeling all over again, it’s the feeling I never fail to get whenever I’m watching them live. Hayley’s vocals seem to get better and better every time I see her; and as I predicted, Jeremy did the classic flip off of Josh’s back (refer back to my myspace blog from a few days ago). Seventh row was still awesome, but not as awesome as being right in front at the Jimmy Kimmel Show. The thought of being that close to the band is insane so think about how I felt when I actually met them, practically delirious. I was extremely happy they decided to throw in a couple tracks from the “All We Know,” album because I terribly miss hearing them perform old songs live. It brings me back to the time when I first saw them at the House of Blues in Anaheim. It all started with that first amazing album, when the audience was only a crowd of about 100 people, when she still had her natural red hair, and when they were actually the opening band for bigger artists. Just 2 years and now look how far they’ve come, I feel like I’ve grown with them. They also decided to sing two bonus tracks of which I was very excited to hear live also, “My Heart” and “Decoy,” because everyone knows that Decoy is my favorite song (well, not everyone). I definitely can’t wait for their next album, better yet their next tour.

I came home today and decided to bake a chocolate cake, I substituted oil for butter and out of the oven came a moist cake, finally! After all this wasted time using pudding, or extra oil, or Crisco, even adding more water, and it turns out I just needed a cup of butter. Whatever.

From my shitty sidekick, but still good.


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