In a horrible and sad attempt to clean my room today I’m ashamed to tell you that I’ve completely failed. However, I did come across an unfinished scrapbook under my television stand. A few months after Riley was born I was already starting to make a special scrapbook just for him but then realized soon after that it wouldn’t work until he was at least one year old. This year definitely gave me enough pictures and memories to be put into the book. After seeing those lonely, blank pages this morning, I quickly uploaded pictures to the Costco photo center; Walmart was clearly not going to work after a few times I’ve tried to access their website. Whore. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick them up tomorrow and get started on continuing what I was doing months ago. I’ll update you with pictures of my new (or should I say old) project

Today’s family day consisted of Chowking and a movie. The Mummy 3 had plenty of action and Brendan Fraser looked younger than ever. I was a little bit disappointed that the old Evelyn (or Evie) was replaced with a new actress named Maria Bello. Rachel Weisz was more of a natural actress especially for this type of role and there was this lingering feeling that Brendan had more of a connection with her onscreen. Overall, I enjoyed it and it sparked a feeling in me that made me want to watch the first Mummy all over again.


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