good & bad

Today I took the good with the bad. For the past few days I’ve been anticipating the arrival of my camera in the mail. I was constantly on check for the tracking of my package as if I was a mad woman. Today was the day it was suppose to arrive but unfortunately for me, it obviously didn’t. That was the bad news, now onto the good news…

On a much happier note, I received an exciting email from my school (PVAS) letting me know they had recently found an available job position (as Vet Attendant) for me at the Placentia Veterinary Clinic! I got butterflies, even my sister sensed my emotionless excitement in the beginning. Seconds later, I called to inform the clinic that I was definitely interested in that opening and that I will be stopping by tomorrow to fill out an application. Yay me! or Yay PVAS!

As you know, I got my nails done for the sake of the jewelry show in Las Vegas, hopefully I don’t ruin them by the time I get back home. Here’s the second set of nails I had done this year. Special thanks to Anri for putting up with my indecisiveness.


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