tired but happy

The past week has been pretty hectic but surprisingly it went by quicker than I had expected. Being in Vegas for the jewelry show was pretty overwhelming because I have to deal with snobby, rich, old women and difficult customers who want to buy retail when the sign posted clearly states that we have a minimum purchase of $100. Nobody seems to understand the fact that we have a policy and they seem to have no problem ignoring the sign. The weather in Vegas was dry and much hotter than it is here (duh) and for some reason when the sun hits my skin it hurts; apparently, that’s how hot it was. I had the chance to spend some time with Franco after work each day so we chose to roam around Planet Hollywood for U.O. and Gelato. Although I still cringe at the thought, walking outside at night was pretty bearable partly because Vegas is always fun for me, even if I’m not of legal drinking/gambling age. I always seem to have a very enjoyable time whenever I’m there just purely sight-seeing. Only 3 more months to go baby.

Today was my first day at Placentia Vet Clinic and it was an amazing experience for me. The doctor hit me with almost every task possible. Fecal exams, restraining, blood work, urine samples, reception area, customer service, dental work, pre-op shaving, and so much more. It was a bit overwhelming with all the responsibility being handed to me all in one day and with so much information to process and remember, but I put so much effort into wanting to learn every single thing that it keeps me going. I worked hard today more than I ever have and I’m extremely happy with the fact that I’ve even come this far. The team I work with is great and Dr. Evans is an amazing person. He has a way of making everyone feel welcomed and secure, kind of like a grandpa. He always manages to slip this out at least twice a day: “You’re going to love it here, we’re one big happy family!” Who doesn’t like to hear that?


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