This morning I woke up and decided to drive my butt to L.A. instead of forcing Franco to drive here because:

1. I haven’t seen Franco’s mom for ages, I figured that it’s rude if I don’t attempt to visit her once in a while and…

2. My area is only full of Asian people so that means Asian supermarkets on every block. The only form of recreation in Rowland Heights is the AMC theaters at the crappy Puente Hills mall.

We decided to head down to Westwood for some food and some Hookah at Habibi Cafe. We ordered sandwiches, hummus for appetizer, water, ice coffee, and a Hookah. The bill came out to a whopping $60. “What the !@#$?,” was my thought exactly. We’re probably not going back for a while.

After all that over-pricing shenanigans, me and Franco discovered a great vintage store called Wasteland in Santa Monica. They have a huge selection of old, new, and affordable funky clothes; and I’m happy to say this store does not have that murky smell that most vintage stores usually have. I found a pair of Kill City burgundy jeans I’ve been wanting for just $55; they’re going for $78 at Active. Chyea!

Across the street from Habibi Cafe was a place called Diddy Riese, it seems to be some type of ice cream sandwich store. The line here never seems to die down, it must be pretty darn good. I snapped a picture to show you what it always looks like in front of this very popular place.


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