Dr. Evans

“Placentia Veterinary Clinic. How may I help you?”
“Hi, I’d like to make an appointment for a check up for my dog. Is Dr. Evans in?”
“No, it’s actually Dr. Maas today.”
“Ok well, when will Dr. Evans be in?”

Clients poured in 10 minutes after the clinic opened today and they were all there for one reason: Dr. Evans. We were lacking of clients, not to mention work, on Monday and Tuesday simply because Dr. Evans does not work those two days; Dr. Maas is the boss instead. This absolutely does not mean that Dr. Maas isn’t a good doctor, he’s just a much better surgeon who doesn’t do too well when it comes to dealing with human clients. He’s fast and efficient when it comes to spaying, neutering, and tumor removals; and apparently he isn’t scared of blood squirting all over his nicely embroidered white lab coat either. On the other hand, Dr. Evans is the talkative type; very rowdy, fast-pace and loud but everyone absolutely loves him. His heart is always in the right place and he’s very patient with the clients no matter how difficult they can be. It really is comforting working for a person who is so concerned with everyone around him, especially for the safety of his team, sometimes he forgets to think of himself.

So, I thought I found the perfect dress for Franco’s cousin’s wedding but I wasn’t too happy with the way it fit. It would be horrendously loose in one place and ridiculously tight in another. Or it could possibly be that my body is just abnormal and I’m wrongfully blaming the company’s estimation of size. Hehe. Fortunately, I found something that is much more simple and suitable for my taste and made a quick exchange today. Now that I’ve got the most essential part covered, I now need to worry about shoes. Being a girl is so…much…fun

Fun Fact: Janet Elizabeth Evans is/use to be a record-breaking American competitive swimmer in the Olympics. You can read up on her by clicking her name, it will lead you to her official site. (She is the only daughter of the Dr. Evans that I currently work for. Neato!)


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