we’re next?

I don’t know what all this fuss about strippers is for bachelors’ parties, I think it’s kind of a stupid idea if you ask me. The night before Leo’s wedding I was laying in bed miserable to the fact that Franco had to go to a strip club for his cousin’s bachelor party. I already know Franco isn’t the type of person who enjoys these kinds of things, but the fact that it’s mandatory made me upset. He made it clear that his girl cousins were going to be there also but that didn’t help, it was a strip club regardless. I’m not use to that type of entertainment and I didn’t want my boyfriend to be there. So I ended up calling Ray for some some advice; he calmed my nerves down and explained to me why I shouldn’t be so upset at the situation. Everyone else assured me it was a “normal” thing and I had nothing to worry about. As a result, I laid down a couple of ground rules to him:

1. Absolutely NO touching. That includes no giving dollar bills to the strippers because it is a complete waste of money :]

2. He couldn’t have more than 2 beers.

3. Time limit is until 12AM.

This is the kind of girlfriend I am and I could care less if other people think its controlling, it’s not the lifestyle I’m use to and I found someone who shares the same values as me. Fortunately, everything went fine, Franco only ended up staying for an hour (10PM-11PM) because according to him, it wasn’t much fun. The groom wasn’t too thrilled with that type of environment either so they left after they made their rounds.

The next morning it was finally the day of Leo’s and Abby’s wedding. Abby was brought to the church in a horse drawn carriage and it was beautiful. The wedding lasted about an hour and the reception was to follow 4 hours later at a Mexican Restaurant. So after the wedding, Me and Jemimah drove to her Auntie Sally’s house, filled up on pizza, wings, and Tuscani pasta (which is by far, the best pasta I’ve had so screw Olive Garden, haha), and laid there in her cousin’s bedroom for the remaining time. The reception was very fun, everyone had a chance to make a speech for the bride and groom, and Jemimah surprised them with a serenade which the two newlyweds danced to. When it came time to throw the bouquet I didn’t quite make an effort to get up to catch it. On the other hand, when it came time for the guys to catch the garter Franco raced over and actually caught it! Everyone burst into laughter as Franco’s mom marched over to me and said, “You better get prepared Vicky!” I have a feeling she just wants to get rid of Franco already.


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