So the past few days have been purely routine that consisted of being at work and at home. I met another Doctor as well as his wife (because Dr. Evans will be on vacation for a whole month in Europe). Dr. A is a bit on the quiet side but a very nice man nonetheless. He asked me to assist him in a cat spay and de-claw (on all four feet). Owners who think about putting their beloved pets under that kind of pain and torture should be shot in the head. I’m desperately hoping they’ll pass a law in Orange County and not just in West Hollywood to ban and unlegalized any type of de-clawing in cats. Why stop a perfectly good law from traveling out of Los Angeles? It’s ridiculous. De-clawing is horribly inhumane; people who will become future owners of cats should be informed of this before making further decisions on buying or adopting one. In the future, I know fellow animal lovers will raise awareness of this potential danger they’re putting their cats in. Say no to de-claws!


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