lately I haven’t

Ok, I fully admit that I’ve been holding back on blogging every tootin’ day and trust me, I don’t like where this is going either. I assume that this daily blogging habit will probably stop by the end of the year but it definitely does not mean I won’t blog at all, just not every single day.

All I’ve been doing this past week was work at the vet clinic, visit Riley, pick up my fussy sister at school (because I’m always late), and head home. Honestly, this week is the most normal week I’ve had for a while. Poor Franco got sick earlier this week from all the moving, sweating, A/C, and heat. This probably threw his body temperature off too many times, so the result is the sneezing and coughing shenanigans. Being the caring girlfriend I am, (some beg to differ) I baked him the best chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and drove 1 hour in horrible traffic just to be with him yesterday. His new apartment is a little bit smaller than the one he lived in before but the neighborhood seems to have more class and friendlier people. With his mom being the new manager of these apartments, a smaller place doesn’t sound so bad when the rent is free for as long as they live there. Sweet!

So I had work at the clinic today from 8AM to 12PM, headed over to my Auntie’s house, and gave Riley the Build-A-Bear I made for him. I’m really happy that I have more time to spend with him more often than I usually do because when I start to realize that I haven’t seen him for about a week I miss him so, so much. As a matter of fact, today he took my hand and did “Mano Po” on his head all on his own! Smarty pants.

Fun Fact: Ever wonder why Panda Express’ famous Orange Chicken is so delicious? What’s their secret? Deep frying it of course! Not once, but twice. Next time you’re thinking about dropping by Panda Express for lunch, think again :]


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