Unfortunately, today was a very hectic day at work. We had a HBC (Hit By Car) Emergency around 9 o’clock, one major surgery, and two minor surgeries. The major surgery consisted of a Doberman that was diagnosed with bone cancer and was in dire need of a front leg amputation. You can bet that surgery was a messy blood bath; by the time Dr. M was done, his entire uniform was splattered with ketchup-like stains, a demented yet amusing sight. Today was my first experience with a HBC patient, an owner of a very sweet German Shephard came running in early this morning carrying his dog. It was very obvious that he was ready to break down and burst into tears but he somehow held it back while explaining to the doctor exactly what had happened. The whole scenario was pretty nerve-wrecking but I pulled myself together and helped with the catheter insertion so he can recieve some fluids. The good news is the German Shephard is currently stabilized and is under close watch at an over-night emergency clinic. Let’s hope he makes it.

On a lighter and much happier note, I have exciting news! I received mine and Jemimah’s tickets to Wicked today and I am super thrilled! I know it’s about a month away but I can’t help but get giddy whenever I think about being in the Pantages Theater again. I hope you like your gift Mek Pek!

Here’s to hoping for a normal day at work tomorrow, then I’ll be off to Mira Loma afterwards. Me and Tam are taking Riley to get his shots and blood drawn (more blood, weee), poor baby. If there’s something worth blogging about the next few days I’ll be sure to update and load pictures as much as possible. I’ve just been too darn lazy to update every day, don’t hate me!


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