To Do List…

1. Buy new scrubs because I’m tired of washing them in 4 day intervals.

2. Buy a cheap pair of white sneakers for work.

3. Study for my PVAS Entrance Exam.

4. Buy a gift for my Auntie’s Birthday.

5. Make time/schedule sheets for Silverlink.

6. Find the perfect pair of black leather boots w/ heels.

Notice that almost the whole list above requires some form of money spending (the area of which I’m heavily lacking) :[

My parents have been gone since Wednesday on their yearly business trip to Thailand and Hong Kong. I can’t say I’m entirely thrilled that they’re gone because everything stays the same in the house and it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to come home at 3AM every night. I don’t feel the need to rebel against my curfew because I’m already truly the homebody they’ve molded me into. Spending time more time with Franco on the weekend is a definite bonus though.The beauty of this is having one less thing to worry about, which is my parents calling me to be home at exactly 8PM.

Fun Fact: Paramore’s “We Are Broken” is actually about children being forced into sex slavery and exploitation in foreign countries. Before this, everyone had thought this song was about Christ saving people, wrong-o folks. Learn more about Love146 here.


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